Train the Trainer: Facilitation Skills Workshop

Programme Overview:

The ability of human resource practitioners and line management to understand, apply and respond to the ever evolving employment legislation, is business critical. Indeed, you need to do more than just comply – to make the most out of your personnel you and all employees should follow best practice, at all times.

Again, it is not all about compliance. Many organisations find employment legislation can help them achieve their business goals and build trusting and positive relationships with their employees. Additionally, a key role for HR is all about maintaining a positive and productive working environment, and best practice helps to make sure that employees feel good about the company they work for.


Train the Trainer: Facilitation Skills Workshop

Gain practical, proven techniques and strategies for facilitating high-impact learning experiences!

This comprehensive Programme will build on your delivery expertise by helping you create a learning environment that improves the knowledge, skill and ability of your participants. In this hands-on session, you will learn to effectively prepare and deliver training sessions that create measurable impact and sustainable change in the behaviour of participants.

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Course Title Course Code 1week 2weeks 3weeks
TRAIN THE TRAINER HRT4 £2350 £3750 £4650





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Who Should Attend

Facilitators who are new to the training field (0-5 years of experience) and individuals who find themselves delivering training to others and are looking to further develop their facilitation skills.