HR and Leadership Skills

Programme Overview:

The ability of human resource practitioners and line management to understand, apply and respond to the ever evolving employment legislation, is business critical. Indeed, you need to do more than just comply – to make the most out of your personnel you and all employees should follow best practice, at all times.

Again, it is not all about compliance. Many organisations find employment legislation can help them achieve their business goals and build trusting and positive relationships with their employees. Additionally, a key role for HR is all about maintaining a positive and productive working environment, and best practice helps to make sure that employees feel good about the company they work for.


HR and Leadership Skills

Gain an excellent foundation in most of the skills and behaviours required to face the day to day challenges in HR and Leadership.

Human resource departments face increasing challenges that require expertise and skill in talent and performance management. Explore real life case studies and new techniques as you learn about the varied aspects of key human resource functions.

Take the lead with confidence and credibility through use of untapped communication skills. Learn and practice techniques to shape your message, develop an authentic leadership voice and engage in powerful conversations to achieve results with the confidence and support of your team.

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Course Title Course Code 1 week